Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the end of an era

family and friends, sadly, i've come to the realization that i just can't keep up!! i'm going to try a different version of a blog, that you can check out at


note, there is no "e" in tumblr... we'll see how it goes! i wish i had a few more hours in the day, but i just don't. please try to keep up with us there... thanks! mama bear

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

dinosaur park

my pals really enjoyed the dinosaur park a few months ago. cope loves dinosaurs (much like his dad did, i hear)... there is a park in north austin that has a scavenger hunt trail set up with some cute little dino things on it..

i know this is superold.. but i'm trying folks!! i promise some newer stuff is to come..

my boys and their friends

cope has taken a shine to little baby van.. in fact, i'd say they are pretty good pals. cope didn't want to leave baby van out of the sticker fun after he was awarded for peeing on the potty, so he gave one to baby van too.

here is cope chasing after evan and chloe in the yard with his infamous dumptruck.

he and evan are peas in a pod.. quite a dangerous combo.

and little baby van loves anybody who will hold him, in particular his daddy.

but he also loved on grandaddy when he came to visit a few months back. i can't wait to see how they get along as they grow.. it should be interesting!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

learning new tricks

so my boys are learning lots of new tricks! baby van is learning to coo and cope is learning to share..

we took both the boys fishing a few weekends ago.. or should i say, we took them to the river to "purchase and release" some minnows...

baby van has learned to make a sad face (isn't it heart breaking!!)
and daddy is trying to teach some of his soul-inspired moves (the moonwalk!) to his eldest.. God help the ladies!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

sicky poo birthday

it was a rough few weeks at the madray house. it started with the kids' well child check, at which time they weren't really well. cope had a cough and congestion and baby van had a cute little tiny cough but felt pretty good. the week rolled on with cope out of work and daddy staying at home with him.

like any good parents, we kept them both home, and poor daddy missed a week of work!
cope of course found ways to keep himself busy!!
so at the end of the week, van's cough got worse and he ran a fever so we went to the ER and ended up in the hospital on cope's bday. we cancelled his scheduled party and thankfully grandmama, nancy and ree were here to entertain him and keep order around the house while we hung out at dell children's hospital. baby van was a trooper, and we were home in a few days.

we had a belated birthday party with the family and all is well that end's well!

yippee for the best little 3 year old i know! poor guy got sick again with strep throat and an ear infection the following week, but is now 100% healthy. good thing he had all those new toys to entertain himself with ;)

Monday, February 28, 2011


so we've been a bit busy and these are pretty much in reverse order, but bear with me! i just wanted to post some pics of the great family times we've been having, first and foremost with the two brothers..

great grandmama, aunt nancy and ree came to visit a week ago and cope had a ball with them!

when baby van was just a little thing, mom's cousin jacob came through town and got hold that sweet little guy.

and right after christmas, aunt gracie and grandma donna came and loved my little fat blob of baby.

we are settling into our larger family as well.. i think we are getting the hang of things, somewhat. it takes a lot longer to get out the door and grocery shopping is sort of a joke (where does the food go when you have a 3 yo in the seat part and a baby seat in the big part of the cart?!?)

and yes, i do force steve to take a picture of me now and then so that my children will know i was actually present during their childhood!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


my little dude loves bathtime!

and brother bear loves to poke that clean baby!